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Morocco has a long history and a rich cultural heritage. Because of its long-lasting effect on the country’s people, Morocco’s ancient culture has a wide range of influences. In the event that you’d want to learn a little more about the origins of this country’s unique culture, we’ve included a brief history of Morocco below.

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The Berber people were the first to live in Morocco. There was no official authority in the region, and these people lived in big family groups. Tribal Berbers, on the other hand, lived by the laws set down by their tribal elders, and these regulations varied greatly from one tribe to the next.

During its early existence, Morocco was often invaded due to a lack of unity in power. In the twelfth century B.C., the Phoenicians were the first to strike. The Carthaginians reclaimed a number of coastal villages that they had seized with considerable success. In the second century BC, the Romans launched an extended war against the Carthaginians, capturing and converting all of their fortresses in the region. As the Roman Empire crumbled, Arabs were given the opportunity to march in and seize control. The kingdom was left reeling and unstable after a series of short but furious battles between Arabs and Jews for control of the country.

 This is a good thing since under the reign of Ahmed I al-Man-sur, the kingdom was kept stable by the man’s name. When Jews and Moors from Spain moved in Morocco between 1579 and 1603, the kingdom thrived. In the end, they gave Morocco much of the culture that is still there today by each bringing their own culture and art to the country.

The port of Cueta was taken over by the Portuguese in 1415 after a long period of conflict between the Spanish and Portuguese. That port, however, was reclaimed by the Moroccans in 1578 when the Portuguese were defeated in an uprising against them. Almost all of the coastal towns that had been under Portuguese power by 1700 had been reclaimed by Moroccans as a consequence of this struggle. When Morocco was partitioned in 1904, the bigger section went to France and the smaller portion to Spain.

 France dominated Morocco’s coastline until 1911, when Germany sent a warship to take some territory for themselves. A deal between France and Germany that enabled Morocco to remain under French rule while allowing German concessions elsewhere prevented war.

The Moroccan ruler sought independence for his kingdom in 1950. Their original request was turned down by the censors. Sultan Mohammed was crowned king in 1957. Spain abandoned the bulk of its Moroccan assets soon after this, paving the door for independence.

He initiated a strong drive in 1974 to retake authority over the whole Sahara, which was controlled by Spain at the time. For the International Court of Justice to grant entire authority of the Sahara to Morocco was refused. Even nevertheless, King Hussain continued to press ahead.

 Spain and Morocco finally reached an agreement following covert discussions. Morocco, Spain, and Mauritania divided the Sahara into three territories. Mauritania was forced from the Sahara by the Polisaro front in 1978, while Morocco remained hard and refused to relinquish. A self-determination vote was conducted by the United Nations, and although it was widely accepted, Morocco has persisted in its quest for total control over the Saharan Desert.

King Hussan of Jordan died on July 23, 1999. With his death, the Arab world’s longest monarchy in modern times came to an end after 38 years of rule. Crown Prince sidi Mohammed, the son of Monarch Hassan, now serves as the 18th king of the Alawite Dynasty of Morocco.

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